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Professionals in childcare/nurseries


You are a nurseries or a childcare center and you want to start using washable nappies?  


Congratulations for this beautiful project!

let’s start

Bébéco team is at your service to support you in this transition.

Included in our services:  

  • Professional range of washable nappies, perfectly suited to reception environments

  • Diaper cleaning and deliveries to the crib

  • Our flexibility and a service adapted to the needs of the crèche

  • Discovery workshop of washable diapers with explanations, question/answer session

  • Possibility for parents to continue the service at home

Which washable nappies in your nursery?

Bébéco has selected washable nappies from the Hammock professional range. These washable nappies meet the specific requirements of nurseries. They are free of any harmful substances or endocrine disruptors. A desire certified by the global Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label  which certifies that textile products are safe for the health of babies.

But not only... The pro range of Hammocks is perfectly adapted to reception environments for their ease of use and which does not hinder the psychomotor development of the child. These washable nappies meet the specific requirements of nurseries, in addition they are patented anti-leakage!

How many washable nappies?

The number of cloth diapers needed will depend on the number of children and your changing habits..

We generally take into account 3 changes per day (the child arrives and leaves in disposable diapers). We come 3 times a week to deliver new nappies and collect soiled nappies.
We can quickly make a personalized calculation for your nursery, for that contact us.

What changes for your nursery?

In general, the use of washable nappies in nurseries requires relatively few changes. Nevertheless  We support you for the implementation and thus facilitate this transition.
Good to know: Bébéco provides the waterproof storage bags needed for soiled nappies which will be exchanged for clean ones during deliveries.


Stop misconceptions...

Modern washable diapers are still little known and you will have to forget the received ideas.

  • It's not hygienic
    Washing is enough to remove all stool or urine residue. In case of illness, bacteriological studies have proven that a long wash at 60° is enough to disinfect the nappies.
    Bébéco uses Belgian products that respect the environment while respecting washing standards, which guarantees you perfectly washed and disinfected nappies without any chemical agent that could irritate babies' bottoms.


  • The fear of diaper rashes
    All the crèches that use washable nappies tell us that they have practically stopped using diaper creams. They encounter far fewer cases of allergies and rashes.
    In addition, for ultra-sensitive babies (eczema for example) you can add a microfleece veil to protect the skin from humidity.


  • It takes longer to change
    Indeed, it is necessary to assemble 2 elements (put the absorbent in the diaper) and then add the disposable protective veil. At the time of change if there are stools, you must throw the protective veil in the trash and the diaper in the storage bag.
    This is why Bébéco offers the "ready-to-use nappies" option, i.e. you receive the nappies already assembled. He
      there will only be the small disposable protective veil to place. This will reduce the workload of the team.

  • Too much detergent
    Bébéco takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of the nappies.
    In addition, as mentioned above, you can choose the "ready to use diapers" option, that is to say that you receive the diapers already mounted.


  • It smells bad
    Washable diapers have 2 advantages over disposable ones:
    - The soiled nappies storage bag only contains nappies with urine since the stools are thrown in the trash at the time of change thanks to the protective veil.
    - They do not contain chemicals that mix with the smell of urine.
    As a result, their smell is rather discreet, especially in a crèche where the nappies are washed regularly (deliveries are scheduled 3x/week).
    The smell of a dirty cloth diaper storage bag is much less strong than that of a disposable diaper trash bag.

Wat about ONE ?

“All over the planet there is a movement for ecology. The host communities will have to adapt. Washable nappies are a logical thing. We cannot go back. We think we're going backwards, but no: we're moving forward…” We're going to have to change mentalities a bit,… of everyone, it's a partnership between the parents, the carers, the ONE. »​  Mrs. EL BOUZAKHI, welcoming independent.

Is there a testing period?

Yes, so that you and your team can test and handle our washable nappies, we offer a 3-week test period with a reduced number of children.
Ideal for a smooth transition and to have the answers to all your questions.

Our team can be reached at +32 478 69 47 67 or at the email address :
or via the form below.


“It's much simpler than I imagined. The small disposable veil is very practical to get rid of the bigger one! »

Muriel, childcare assistant

“No more big bins and huge boxes of disposable diapers to store! »

Emilie, early childhood educator



Brussels, Belgium

+32 478/69.47.67

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You have a question ? We are here for you.

Thank you for what you sent !

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